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22 Gauge 3/8 Crown Stainless Steel 71 Fine Wire Staples

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22 gauge stainless steel staples

22 Gauge 3/8 Crown Stainless Steel 71 Fine Wire Staples


● For use in 71 series staplers

● Great for roofing felt, house wrap, upholstery, furniture trim, automotive vinyl and trim, picture frames, bedding, furniture frames, molding

● Stainless steel construction for durability.

● Chisel Point

● Rust-resistant finish suitable for wet, non-saltwater locations


Product Description

Item: 22 Gauge 3/8 Crown Stainless Steel 71 Fine Wire Staples
Gauge: 22 Gauge
Fastener Type: Staples
Material: Stainless Steel
Surface Finishing: Stainless Steel
Crown: 9.0mm (3/8 inch)
Width: 0.029″(0.75mm)
Thickness: 0.022″(0.55mm)
Length: 1/6″(4mm) – 5/8″(16mm)
Fitting Tools: PREBENA V ,BeA 71,SENCO C,KIHLBRG 670,Omer 3G and so on.

71 Fine Wire Staples


Packaging Details:

Item Our Spec.  Length Pcs/Stick Package
mm inch Pcs/Box Bxs/Ctn Ctns/Pallet
71/04 22GA   71 Series 4mm 5/32″ 179Pcs 10000Pcs 20Bxs 60
71/06 GAUGE:   22GA 6mm 1/4″ 179Pcs 10000Pcs 20Bxs 60
71/08 CROWN:   9.0mm 8mm 5/16″ 179Pcs 10000Pcs 20Bxs 60
71/10 WIDTH:  0.75mm 10mm 3/8″ 179Pcs 10000Pcs 20Bxs 60
71/12 THICKNESS:   0.55mm 12mm 1/2″ 179Pcs 10000Pcs 20Bxs 40
71/14 14mm 9/16″ 179Pcs 10000Pcs 20Bxs 40
71/16 16mm 5/8″ 179Pcs 10000Pcs 20Bxs 40



1.Great for upholstery, screening, crafts, insulation, roofing felt, and more.
2.Chisel point staples deliver efficient and dependable performance.

3.Glue collated.

4.Compatible with most fine wire staplers capable of firing 22 gauge 3/8″ crown fine wire staples.

5.Rust-resistant finish suitable for wet, non-saltwater locations.


● Upholstery.

● Screening.

● Crafts.

● Insulation.

● Roofing felt.


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